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Are you looking for reliable chartered bus service in the Spokane area? Then, look no further! We are one of the leading service providers in the great state of Washington. So, when traveling in big groups, be sure to always remember the name: Capital Charter Bus Spokane!

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Transportation Services

Traveling in big groups is an unappealing idea for a lot of people as they imagine being forced into a cramped and uncomfortable vehicle for hours on end. However, you should know that you do not have to go through this ordeal at all. Contrary to popular belief, it really does not have to be a dreary experience. You just have to find the right charter bus rental company in Spokane, WA to do it for you.

Charter Bus Rental Services

Planning group transportation for a special event can be exhausting and stressful. You want every detail to be perfect so things go smoothly. That’s where we come in. Book a ride with Capital Charter Bus of Spokane!

Corporate Bus Rental

Taking your company’s employees outside the premises is a great opportunity to lift up the mood. You might want to take your employees away for a convention or conference. Or you might be planning to conduct some fun team building activities that will improve your employees’ performance and productivity.

Wedding Bus Rental

Planning a wedding can be exhausting and stressful. You want every detail to be perfect and you want your guests to feel important and lucky that they earned a spot on your list. From venue to food, outfit and even the transportation, you want everything to be excellent on this once-in-a-lifetime event. Transporting your guests to church and reception venue can be a big hustle. That is why Capital Charter Bus Spokane is here for you. Our Charter buses are designed for comfort during your big day. We provide state-of-the-art amenities such as extra leg room, relaxed seating, and cool air-conditioning.

School Bus Rental

Safety comes first when you are planning an out-of-campus event for your school or college students. Capital Charter Bus,  Spokane’s #1 bus rental service is the right choice wherever you want to transport your students. You can easily book an amazing bus for a fun or educational event that your students will enjoy.

Sports Team Bus Rental

It is very obvious that being in one bus with all of your teammates is very fun but that does not just end there it is more than just the fun, so what are the other advantages of being in a bus with your team?

It will cost less if you will be on the same bus at the same time rather than going one by one. You will be spending lots of money if you decide to travel on your own or if you think using a school bus rental will be ok well there might be some additional fees such as gasoline or parking fees unlike renting a team bus all of your fees will be fix and you will not anymore worry about additional fees along the way.